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Pilates by the Sea

I Am Living To Tell


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Only $9.95 - this makes a great gift... for many on your list.  Who couldn't use a little hope and healing?  And guess what else you get... Harmony!

And a huge "Thank You" from your friend as well as a pat on the back from the Universe because you did something really good.

Time to Shine, Beautiful One.

Laurie J. Beck

Laurie Beck is many things to many people...a wife, mother, daughter, sister, Pilates instructor, wellness expert, Reiki instructor, coach, jewelry designer, author, horse trainer and cancer survivor, among others. Those who have had the joy of meeting her, find her calm demeanor and thoughtful, insightful words unforgettable (and often life changing). Her health and wellness background coupled with her life experiences and empowering message of hope and positivity allows her to bring comfort, hope, healing and encouragement to all who find her. After her battle with cancer and living to tell, she's on a mission to remain cancer free, live and share her eight little lessons of hope, eliminate negativity and stress and take time for herself every day.


Her studio: Pilates by the Sea




Her book: Eight Little Lessons of Hope & Healing




Her jewelry: Chi Bella

(each piece brings with it positive intentions for daily living)