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Laurie Beck talks about spontaneous healing to Dr. Oz 

If any South Waltoners tuned in to the Dr. Oz Show on July 17 they would have seen a familiar face.

South Walton's Laurie Beck was featured in an episode rerun about spontaneous healing.

On the show, which originally aired in February, Beck talked about her battle with the rare non-Hodgkin lymphoma/marginal leukemia.

When Beck was diagnosed in 2006 with the disease she was advised to take two weeks to get her affairs in order, then start chemotherapy treatments.

"The prognosis was not good," she says today.

Instead, she sought a second opinion and opted to return home do "watchful waiting," and started her own healing regimen.

"People thought I was crazy," Beck says now.

One date she will never forget, though, is May 18, 2006, when she walked into the Tortoise Clinic in Santa Rosa Beach.

On the advice of her mother, Beck had gone to the clinic to try acupuncture.

During the procedure, 50 needles were stuck in her body.

When she started to leave, she was given a bag of herbs to brew and told to drink 30 ounces a day for three months. 

"I knew nothing about Chinese medicine, and the mixture was horrible, but I did it," she recalls.

When she returned to Boston three months later for a re-check of her blood, doctors were astonished to find her white blood count was down from 70,000 to 13,000.

"My doctor asked me what I was doing, and I told him I had removed all stressors from my life and had started the Chinese herbs," she said. "They sent me home and told me to come back in three more months."

Beck never took the chemotherapy treatments.

"I walked, did Pilates, Reiki; I removed all negatives, looked at the foods I was eating, I changed my way of thinking and shifted my whole life," she says of her method of healing.

"I did not know how stressed I was until I started paying attention. I have always had anxiety. I needed to learn when I felt myself getting into a bad place to examine what I would allow and not allow. I had to let everyone in my family know that for the first time I had to put me first," she said.

Her family, friends, and clients at her Pilates studio lent their support, and for that, she is grateful.

As for her diet, Beck said she always knew the value of eating fresh foods, but became more aware of what she was putting into her body. She eliminated dairy and processed foods completely, as well as any chicken that has been infused with hormones or chemicals.

"Nothing out of a box," she said.

These days she mostly eats fish, organic chicken, lots of vegetables, and red meat once a month.

And as for her health, Beck says "I am super clean. Doctors can't find a trace of cancer in her body. I am a one-percenter."

Her doctors have told her they have never seen her type of cancer (which is incurable) go into remission without chemotherapy.

Prior to doing the Dr. Oz show, Beck faxed all her medical records to the producers, who then flew her to New York. Three of the show's medical doctors came to her hotel suite and questioned her for four hours prior to Beck going on the show.

"Dr. Oz was lovely; very nice, caring and sweet. I think he was blown away by my story," said Beck.

She watched the original airing in February and was surprised to hear that it aired again last week.

On the show, Beck can be seen telling Dr. Oz of the tumors she had all over her body, and the life stressors she felt that were a contributing factor.

The point was made that people who get better end toxic relationships, change jobs, and change their lives to promote healing and keep the wound clean.

Beck talked of wanting to heal her life and began using anti-inflammatory garden herbs such as rosemary and basil, which she still uses.

Dr. Oz described Beck as having been to the other side and made it back, using what he calls spontaneous healing.

"Harness the power to heal your own life without medical treatment by getting in a healing mode, getting in sync, and all in alignment," he said.

"I liked most of it (the way her story was handled and edited)," said Beck. "I was taken aback watching what they put up on the big screen and to look down into the audience and see my son and brother crying ... I almost lost it."


Now Scheduling Online

Thank you so much for your continued support of Pilates By The Sea/Laurie Beck Pilates Lifestyle.  It’s been a year since we moved from our Gulf Place location and what a year it’s been!  This past year has brought so many blessings, from the release of my book to appearances on national radio and television, to the expansion of our staff and classes.  And there’s much more to come.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Tyler will be filming four episodes for Pilates Anytime in May.  For those of you who are not familiar with Pilates Anytime, it is the premier website for online Pilates classes.  Top instructors from around the world are invited to film beginner to advanced level classes at the Pilates Anytime studio in Santa Barbara, CA.  Tyler will be filming with Cecile Bankston, the Assistant Director of Kathy Corey Pilates (  I will let you know when the classes become available online.

Speaking of Kathy Corey Pilates, two of our current staff members, Janie Jackson and Elisse Varner, have recently completed the Kathy Corey Pilates Equipment Teacher Certification Core Program.  Congratulations to both of them and also to Claudia Droy, one of our clients, who we look forward to joining our staff in the very near future.
I am also very excited to announce our new comprehensive studio management software from MindBody Software.  MindBody is an online client-driven program which will allows you to book private/semi-private sessions with your choice of instructor, join a Mat & Barre or Yoga Flow class, and most importantly, manage your contact and account information.

To use MindBody, simply click on the link below:

You will be asked to create an account with your name and contact information. Once your account has been created, you may schedule group classes on the "CLASSES" page or private sessions on the "APPOINTMENTS" page. You can then purchase individual classes, discounted packages of 10 classes, and also retail items in the "ONLINE STORE" section. Your account information, purchase history, and upcoming appointments will be stored in your account as well.  

Our pricing is as follows:

10 Pilates Reformer Classes:  

   Private Classes:  $400-$600 (depending on instructor)       (regular price $45-$65/class)    
   Duet Classes:      $350                        (regular price $40/class)        
   Trio Classes:       $300                        (regular price $35/class)        
   Quad Classes:     $250                        (regular price $30/class)

10 Mat & Barre/Yoga Classes: $100                (regular price $15/class)

If you’re scheduled for one of our Pilates classes and need to cancel/reschedule, you can do so online 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee.  We may have some “bumps in the road” as we get this software up and running, so let me thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

Again, my deepest thanks and appreciation to each and every one of you for your continued support of our staff and studio.  

With Love,

Laurie Beck


Laurie Beck Recently Interviewed by Mary O'Keefe

I had a wonderful interview recently with Mary O'Keefe, host of the Hope, Healing and Wellbeing radio show.

Mary asked me great questions and I could tell that she had taken the time to read my book before the interview. (Not every interviewer does.) During the interview it felt like I was sitting in Mary's living room having a heart-felt conversation with her. Hope you enjoy the interview:

Laurie Beck on the Sheryl Glick, Healing from Within Radio Show!

Several weeks ago, I did an interview with Sheryl Glick, host of Healing From Within.

Sheryl was a passionate, expressive, engaging and soulful interviewer.

A Wonderful Message from France after my Interview with Patrick Timpone!

Am sharing with you this wonderful message that I received from a woman in France after doing Patrick Timpone's radio show last week.

Dear Laurie,
I was impressed by your inner calm and poise, and your wonderful results obtained by listening to your inner voice for guidance in overcoming your condition. You are an impressive young woman and an inspiration to many.

There is something I feel the need to share with you.

I often listen to Patrick Timpone who I think interviews the most fascinating guests, one of whom was Maria Valdivia. you can listen to her interview on his website.

She is a young Chilean woman living in LA. In Chile, she had heard about Dr Goiz Duran, a Mexican surgeon who discovered the Bio Magnetic Pairs. Shortly thereafter, at age 30ish, she was diagnosed with a stage 4 aggressive breast cancer. She was offered the usual protocols of chemo etc to which she said Thanks but No Thanks and instead, flew to Mexico where Dr Goiz treated her using magnets. I add that in 1987, the World Health Organization recognized the non-invasive benefits of magneto-therapies, non invasive to the point where during a session of biomagnetism, the patient is fully clothed and even has her shoes on!

After several sessions of Bio Magnetism with Dr Goiz, she was retested and was cancer free. She then learned Bio Magnetism and has a practice in LA: where you can learn more about this amazing technique which, after hearing Maria's story, I myself learned Bio Magnetism and now also practice.

In San Francisco, Hellena Guerrero also practices and Ricardo, has a practice in Tampa, Fl.

All three websites have a lot of information. I am particularly interested by the testimonials because altho I have just recently started practicing, I am getting a lot of gratitude from people.

Dear Laurie, I am a connector and I felt that I should share this information with you. As you already are a practioner in healing and helping people through Pilates which I love!, you may be very interested in Bio Magnetism. Energy medicine is the medicine of the future.....
With love and gratitude for sharing your poignant story with us, I send you much sunshine and peace!

St. Genis-Pouilly, FRANCE