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Pilates by the Sea

I Am Living To Tell


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Only $9.95 - this makes a great gift... for many on your list.  Who couldn't use a little hope and healing?  And guess what else you get... Harmony!

And a huge "Thank You" from your friend as well as a pat on the back from the Universe because you did something really good.

Time to Shine, Beautiful One.


My Appearance on the Dr. Oz Show

Hope you will take the time to watch my recent appearance on The Dr Oz Show. The episode, which is titled "Spontaneous Healing: Your Body's Power to Heal from Within," is in two parts:
Joining me on the show were Dr. Jim Nickolai, Medical Director of the Andrew Weil, MD Integrative Wellness Program at Miravel Resort and Spa in Arizona and Dr. Jeffrey D. Rediger, who is the Medical Director at McClean Hospital Southeast in Belmont, Massachusetts and an Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School.

As Featured in Thirty-A Review

Almost six years ago, Laurie Beck was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and was told she would die within a few years. Not only is she still alive, the diagnosis changed her life. Today, she is in spontaneous remission and she is happier, healthier, and has a richer life than ever before.

"Just because you get told something doesn't mean it is," she says.

Beck, who owns Pilates by the Sea in Santa Rosa Beach, has been on an incredible life-changing healing  path and is sharing her insights in The Eight Little Lessons Book.

"I was on a mission and instead of being devasted by my cancer I was brought down a path of gratitude. It opened me up in a different way. You need to learn what to do to help yourself."

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Starting A New Journey: Launching My Memoir of How I Live With Incurable Cancer

On June 3, we celebrated National Cancer Survivors Day and I joined the 28 million cancer survivors around the world to celebrate another birthday. As I've said before, I feel like I'm still here for a reason. It is evident each and every day that there are people that I can help, both physically through Pilates as well as mentally through sharing the lessons that I learned on my journey to overcome incurable cancer. As I embark on my new journey to share my story, I'm excited to be launching my memoir "I am Living to Tell" this month with the desire to reach more people who may find my story comforting, inspiring and empowering. As part of this journey, I was asked to write a synopsis of my book. Here it is:

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A Mother's Day Gift from the Heart

With my memoir, I am Living to Tell, coming out this month, it has been a humbling reminder of my journey. My mom was such an important part of my recovery, helping me discover the power of reducing stress and making a commitment to my mental health in addition to physical well-being.

Like many, I too have difficulty finding the right gift or sentiment that will be a meaningful gift for mom on Mother's Day. This year, my job is made easy. We all need the power of courage--the courage to try something for the first time, the courage to call to someone who we've had a falling out with, the courage to overcome daily challenges. My mom has taught me to be courageous and in return I wish to provide her a constant reminder of this important lesson.

Courage is represented by the Rhyolite crystal, which fortifies the body's natural resistance, gives strength, unites our energies and allows us to achieve the goals that our inner spirit intended. The Chi Bella (beautiful energy) piece for my mom will feature the Rhyolite.

This Mother's Day consider giving a piece of meaningful jewelry--a beautiful, hand-crafted Chi Bella piece with the crystal of your choice. Each piece incorporates organic crystals and fresh water pearls on natural leather to help focus our thinking and overcome the struggles we endure. Each gift also includes a copy of "Eight Little Lessons of Hope & Healing."

Explore the variety of Chi Bella hand-crafted styles, including the new lotus design. Give a gift from the heart. A gift she'll love.


Gift of Hope & Positive Energy Found in Quartz Crystal

Living along the beautiful beaches of South Walton in Florida has been a blessing. Not only is the beauty and healing nature of the beach a powerful reminder that we all have healing power within, but I was recently reminded that the sand is made from pure quartz crystal that has flowed down from the Appalachian Mountains over millions of years.

Chi Bella (beautiful energy) jewelry pairs crystals, which are known to have metaphysical properties, within each design.  Natural quartz crystal is used as a cleansing stone to eliminate negative energies from other stones and amplifies the powers of the positive energy stones. It is believed to be a powerful tool  for memory improvement and bringing clarity to one's consciousness.

Consider giving yourself the gift of a trip to the beach to enjoy the sugar white sand and surround yourself with the positive energies of the quartz crystal. If you can't get away right now, consider giving yourself the gift of hope with a quartz crystal Chi Bella jewelry design. Most importantly, we must learn to stop and be quiet. In this fast-paced society, we must practice allowing our minds and bodies time to be still. We must make time to listen to our inner voice.