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About Katrina Roelle

Master Trainer Katrina Roelle

ReFormation Pilates Studio, Marietta, GA

Ms. Roelle began studying the Pilates method of exercise in 1987 while pursuing a career in dance. Her foundation and focus is in classical Pilates. Ten years of her instruction took place on the west coast. This broad exposure to varieties on the original method – over nearly two decades – enabled her to provide unprecedented breadth of knowledge in her teacher training courses.

In addition to Pilates, Katy has studied and applied a variety of body awareness techniques in her fitness career She has passionately pursued her craft, making a study of the history and evolution of the Pilates method. Katy has been creating and spearheading Pilates teacher training courses for over 10 years, highlighting biomechanics and functional movement used in:
    •    Injury Prevention
    •    Rehabilitation
    •    Sport-Specific Training
    •    Special Population Training (including pre- and post-natal exercise)
    •    Osteoporosis
    •    Chronic Neuromuscular Disorders/Dysfunctions and more.

In addition to providing teacher-training courses, Katy also offers master Pilates classes, Pilates continuing education courses, personal Pilates training at ReFormation Pilates Studio and dance training. Katy contributes articles in the Reformation Pilates Constant Contact newsletter and maintains the ReFormation Pilates Facebook page.

Katy is Laurie's master teacher.

Katrina Roelle
ReFormation Pilates Studio
3980 Shallowford Rd., Ste. B
Marietta, GA 30062

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