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Pilates by the Sea

I Am Living To Tell


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Only $9.95 - this makes a great gift... for many on your list.  Who couldn't use a little hope and healing?  And guess what else you get... Harmony!

And a huge "Thank You" from your friend as well as a pat on the back from the Universe because you did something really good.

Time to Shine, Beautiful One.



A Testimonal from a Living to Tell Reader!

Oh my, I just finished reading your incredible , amazing, inspirational book. I could not put it down. I started reading it on the plane back to Boston this morning becoming very emotional . A beautiful written book Laurie, thank you for sharing your story. I am so glad I met you this past weekend, your book made me think about my own life, to let go of negative feelings and learn to forgive. You are a very strong woman overcoming all the hurdles and a very personal journey of healing yourself. I wish you healthy healing, peace and love. Thank you so much for giving me your book, I will tell my friends to purchase the book, it is so inspiring and uplifting.

All the best


Appearance on Dr. Oz Friday, February 8th!

Recently, the Dr. Oz Show learned about my successful effort to beat incurable cancer using a combination of Western and Eastern medicine and alternative healing modalities. Before I knew it, I was flown to New York City to be a guest on the show. It was an incredible experience!
I am excited to say that the episode I was a part of will air this Friday afternoon, February 8th. Check your local listings for the exact time and station in your area, 

Hope you can watch. If you do, let me know what you think!
P.S. My book, I Am Living to Tell, chronicles my healing journey. It's available at



"Cancer...tumor." Those are words that have a deep impact on our mind and mostly we hear dry medical jargon that does little to inform, or frothy, feel-good, meaningless chatter.  So Laurie Beck's book "I am Living to Tell, Surviving incurable cancer without kiling my mother, my granny or my ex" is a refreshing, honest and real look at what goes on in a person's mind when hearing words like "cancer and tumor" as a diagnosis.

Laurie's take is a frank and humor laced tale of her journey... and I thank Laurie for allowing us a look into her head at a time of great crisis. It's snappy, real and humorously told. Great job Laurie.

~ William Weiller

(Pilates Lifestyle client for 5+ years)


Classes with Laurie are not just any workout!

 Taking Pilates from Laurie Beck at her studios for the past 6 years has been so much more than a form of ‘exercise’! 

When you first step into her space, you feel a warm welcome, you see a pleasantly decorated, organized and fully equipped place that is inviting you to be healthy!   Laurie’s amazing books and her wonderful line of ChiBella jewelry is available to enrich your body and soul.

Classes with Laurie are not just any workout!  First she teaches you how to use your breath to assist in engaging muscles correctly. She takes you through a complete series of traditional Pilates exercises and some of her ‘own creations’, strengthening and stretching every part of you that you may not have even known existed! 

As a Myofascial Therapist, I’ve always been impressed by Laurie’s awareness of body alignment and how she can spot a person’s physical strengths and weaknesses.  She uses this information to the client’s advantage, giving them the best possible instruction with their benefit in mind.  Pilates can be very effective in rehabilitating injuries and I’ve seen her use her expertise to do just that. Interjecting humor, love, care, and tidbits of her life stories make an hour workout fly by.  You can be working very hard, but yet have an enjoyable experience because of Laurie’s encouragement and genuine caring spirit that she freely shares.

On occasion, Laurie brings in top of the line guest Pilates instructors from out of town which is always an added bonus.

Tyler has also been a great addition to the Pilates studio.  He offers a special style of teaching that I personally find to be very effective.

I’ve gone down 2 pants sizes since I’ve started Pilates at Laurie’s studios and have strengthened more than I could have imagined.  It’s such an empowering feeling. 

Quality Pilates training is such an effective way to tune into the body and mind and can be carried with you outside of the studio, becoming a way of moving and living. When leaving the studio I feel cared about, I feel more alive and I look forward to the next session!  

Thank you Laurie, for being such a positive influence in my life, and such a dear friend.

You have helped me on many levels and set a standard of excellence in everything that you do.

Lots of love,

Janet Hardy, LMT



Worth the Trip!

This studio is first class in every respect. Wonderful location,state of the art equipment,but most importantly, Laurie Beck founder, owner and instructor is by far the most experienced, insightful, effective and patient pilates coach I have ever worked with. She is in fact a full wellness coach in my opinion. She sets this same standard for her other instructors as well. One key attribute that distinguishes Laurie and her studio is that she takes the time to deeply understand each client's unique needs, concerns, and goals. She then crafts a program to meet those needs. This pilates studio is more than worth a trip to Florida! Don't miss it!

~Judy Henke, Atlanta, GA