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Laurie Beck's Book Signing at Lovelace Interiors

A Chic Monday Evening Shopping Soirée: Alden Lagasse Collection Premieres at Lovelace Interiors

On the afternoon of Monday, December 3, a throng of cars clogged the filled-to-capacity parking lot entrance of Lovelace Interiors in Miramar Beach, Florida, from 4-6 p.m. The gracious couple of Alden and Emeril Lagasse hosted the “Cocktails, Clothes, and Cookbooks” event to premiere the new Alden Lagasse Collection, now housed on the second floor of Lovelace Interiors.

The excitement to shop spread like a contagion. I was hoping not to be tempted by anything that caught my eye, but to my dismay (I mean … pleasure), I loved everything I saw. Beautiful and tasteful jewelry, a little yellow clutch, some light-blue lounge pajamas, and a straw hat that I, of course, desperately needed for my growing collection of interesting chapeaus. The beautiful Alden Lagasse concurred that the hat was also one of her favorites. Very much down-to-earth, Alden is warm, beautiful, and has great taste as evidenced by her new collection. Also present was the gorgeous Susan Lovelace whose natural charm and grace has always amazed me.

Everyone who made a purchase over $100 received a cookbook, signed in person by Emeril Lagasse, one of the most recognizable personalities of our time. While shoppers awaited their chance to meet Alden and Emeril, I marveled with gratitude for the millionth time what an amazing place in which we live.

My friend and author Laurie Beck, who recently wrote I am Living to Tell, has been getting lots of attention from those who have read her story of a courageous and inspirational victory over cancer. Check it out and buy it for a Christmas gift. Click here to learn more about Laurie’s book or to purchase it.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable end to a Monday, and kudos to all involved in marketing this magnificent and well-attended event.


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