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Pilates for Athletes and Men

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Do men do Pilates?  Yes, they do.  Athletic organizations are also incorportating Pilates training into the training regimens for their athletes because of the unique benefits that Pilates training includes.  Strengthening the core of the body helps athletes better their game of choice as well as help them to lessen their risk of injury by teaching them how to stabilize around all of the joints in the body.  Many athletes also use Pilates as part of their rehabilitation process.

Sting, the lead singer of The Police, makes sure he stays in shape for his demanding touring schedule with Pilates. In recent months, Sting trained with STOTT PILATES Certified Instructors while on tour. Sting says he'll continue to train with STOTT PILATES.

Even if you're not a basketball fan, you've probably heard of Kobe Bryant.  The Los Angeles Lakers guard is one of the NBA's all-time greats, and to make sure he stays in this elite class, he includes Pilates in his rigorous training regimen.  Since Kobe demands the best, his representatives recently contacted STOTT PILATES to ask about their reformers.  Kobe isn't the only pro athlete to discover the positive impact that Pilates can have on athletic performance.  NBA All-Star guard Jason Kidd, World Series Champion Curt Schilling, and even Tiger Woods, all rely on Pilates to help ensure they stay in peak condition year round.

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